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Pro4 Aviation provides highly experienced, trained and certified flying loadmasters to accompany cargo aircraft for the entire, or part flight rotation from any airport to any destination worldwide.   Trained in house by our qualified directors of ground operations and cargo operations. No job is too big or difficult as we specialize in odd size cargo and large and difficult loads throughout the world.  If it needs to be moved we will arrange everything from aircraft to personnel to ensure that your precious cargo reaches its destination with extreme care.

As an additional service, we also supply loadmasters to act on clients behalf as ground representatives for turnarounds, to prepare the load instruction, oversee the loading and unloading of the freight to company standards, check dangerous goods regulations conformity, compile the load plan and load sheet, submit all relevant loading documentation to the flight crew, ensure all load compartment doors are closed, furnish ground operations with all signed documents, await push back and record off block and airborne time for submission to Clients Operational Control Centre.

Warehouse supervision is one of our specialties, particularly off-size and oversize freight, we can cover your shipment from arrival, acceptance, build-up, palletisation, through to loading and securing.

Pro4 Aviation LTD is able to deliver weight and balance training courses and loadmaster certification to clients specification, through our alliance with RD Aviation Service.

Let our certified loadmasters assist you with your cargo to any destination worldwide.

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Pro4 Aviation is here to provide solutions to your problems, even if it's as simple as getting cargo from Point A to Point B. No matter the load, we can find the right kind of aircraft to fit your needs. Whether you have cargo that needs to be shipped and have the means to do so, or if you're a courier with no freight to carry, we can bring aircraft to shippers or shippers to aircraft.